Harry P Kornhiser - Do not go to this quack!!

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This doctor and the clinic he works for needs to be investigated and shut down.I was a patient of this doctor some years ago.He has a (so called) nurse working there named Donna Rimmer.This woman is as much of a joke as he is.The entire time I went to him all he did was pressure me to take more and more zoloft and that type of drugs.A psych evaulation was done on me by Donna Rimmer when I had a 0.26 blood alcohol level even when it was told to her by a MD that I was far to intoxicated to recieve a meaningful evaulation.I was sent to catawba,agusta medical center,arise rehab,and UVA rucker 3 all in a 6 week period.I was labeled a benzo drug addict by this quack even though I had only been on benzos for 6 days in agusta medical center.I was labeled an alcoholic too and there was no evidence of either of these things.It is 100% unethical for a healthcare professional to do an evaulation on someone who is intoxicated especially when the person is in no danger.There were numerous lies in my medical records from this quack and Donna Rimmer.I had spoken to many lawyers and was told at the time I would have an excellent case against this doctor and donna Rimmer but I chose not to persue it because I was told it would be a long process.Years later I decided I wanted a copy of my records from this quack and I called his office.I spoke to a woman whos last name is sarafandi I went to school with her son and I also went to school with both of Donna Rimmers kids which should have been a conflict of interest.I was told that I would have to come in and fill out paperwork.When I came in the sarafandi woman sit in front of me with a paper and asked me the questions as if I was 10 and could not fill it out myself.When she was finished she told me she was not sure if they would release the papers without me being "seen".I had not been seen by any type of psych doctor in over 6 years at that point.I told her I should not have to be seen and that I had not been a patient of Kornhiser in over 6 years.About 2 days later I recieved a call from his office.I was asked by a hateful and sarcastic woman what I wanted with these records her name was Carolyn Tingler Smith.I told her that I wanted them for my own personal use and that they were my personal medical records and that I had a legal right to obtain them.She replied you will have to get a subpoena to get them.So after this phone call I decided that I could play that game too.I called at least 15 lawyers as far away as Charlottesville about this case.I was told by every one that yes I had a legal right to obtain a copy of these records.I was told that my best option was to sue the alleghany highlands mental health clinic for them which is what I did.What I had decided to do was to go to the court the first time myself and act as my own lawyer and if I did not get the result I liked then I would hire an attorney.The clinic of kornhiser had local attorney Jeff krackel.I spent weeks studying records I had already got from UVA which had copies of many of the records from Kornhiser and Donna rimmer in them.When court came I presented my case well and made the clinic look like a fool especially when I showed the records I already had where Donna Rimmer was told by a MD not to do the evaulation on me and that she acknowledged that I had a 0.26 blood alcohol level before doing the interview.The verdict was that I had a meeting with Kornhiser and I had a witness present and the court said if Kornhiser did not want to give me the records then I got to pick a doctor of my choice to interview me the 2nd time.During the meeting he asked me to not talk about what was in the records which of course meant I most certainly was going to talk about it.He did not want me to talk about it because he knew very well what was done was wrong and would make his practice look like fools.I got my records and the satisfaction of showing him that I would get them and telling others how I was treated by him and his clinic.I would advise no person to go to this man.



By this quack*


This is the 11 year anniversary of my victimisation of this sadistic quack.I would like to remind anyone in the area where this so called doctor is to not allow yourself to be a victim of this man like I was.I would recommend that no person go to this man for treatment.

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